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BMW Genius Program

BMW Genius Program

What is the BMW Genius Program?

You'll now find a product expert who will assist you in finding the perfect vehicle to suit your lifestyle and needs. The BMW Genius is specially trained to demonstrate and help you get familiar with all aspects of your BMW – before, during, and after your purchase. From answering questions about your BMW’s best-in-class technology to questions about scheduling routine maintenance and service, Chapman BMW Geniuses are ready to help. These factory-trained experts are able to provide product information wherever your Ultimate Driving Machine takes you.

BMW Genius Program

Call the BMW Genius Hotline

M-F 9am - 9pm
1-844-443-6487 (443-6487)
BMW Genius Program

The BMW Genius App

The BMW Genius App is the all-new way to learn about your BMW on your tablet and smart phone. This app provides you with how-to videos about key features and functionalities, as well as model specific product information. The better you know your BMW, the more you can enjoy the benefits of BMW’s class leading innovations.

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The BMW Genius Team

Steven Paul

Steven Paul

Steven moved to Phoenix in 2015 from northeastern Pennsylvania, and at Chapman BMW on Camelback since early 2017. He fell in love with the BMW brand when he bought his first BMW in 2011, a 325is. He loves the brand because of the unparalleled driving experience BMW offers. His favorite car is the 1M Coupe. Outside of work he enjoys driving his car, exploring Arizona, and enjoying local music and art.

Thomas Brown

Thomas Brown

Thomas was born and raised in Long Island New York. He moved to phoenix in 2017 and started working with BMW July 2018. His background with BMW starts within his family as his Dad is a client advisor with BMW. Thomas wished to follow in his father’s footsteps by becoming a BMW genius. His favorite thing about working with BMW is the customer interactions he has on a daily basis. Thomas has a passion to help with a servants heart and he loves to go above and beyond to help customers. Thomas favorite BMW is the X5M he loves the balance between luxury, power and his favorite audio as he believes the Bowers and Wilkins audio system is a must have as he enjoys premium audio. You can catch Thomas at a local concert or at a fancy restaurant because he loves live music and great eats!

John Wallace

John Wallace

John was born and raised in Southern California. He moved to Phoenix in April of 2018 to work for Chapman BMW on Camelback. He has training as a BMW Technician. His favorite thing about working for BMW is working for a company that is at the forefront of vehicle technology and vehicle performance. His favorite BMW is the M5 Competition, after he got to deliver the first one sold in the United States.

Caleb Spurlin

Caleb Spurlin

Caleb is originally from North Carolina, he moved out to Arizona to start a life. Caleb wanted to take a different approach and wanted to be in the car business. To him BMW was a good option due to the technology of the cars that he wanted to learn more about. He has been with the company for 2 years. His favorite BMW has always been the M2, he’s always enjoyed the power and looks of this particular vehicle!!

New Owner FAQ Videos

BMW Bluetooth Calling

Chapman BMW on Camelback Genius Collette Apodaca demonstrates enhanced Bluetooth capabilities in this video.

BMW Bluetooth Audio Streaming

Chapman BMW on Camelback Genius Collette Apodaca demonstrates Enhanced Audio Bluetooth Streaming in this video.

BMW Setting Power Memory Seats

Chapman BMW on Camelback Genius Kyle Hood demonstrates how to use the custom memory driver's seat.

BMW IDRIVE Controller

Chapman BMW on Camelback Genius Kyle Hood demonstrates how to use the iDrive Controller in this video.

BMW Bluetooth Connection

Chapman BMW on Camelback Genius Kyle Hood demonstrates how to pair an Android device via Bluetooth to the BMW iDrive. Users can upload their phone book, navigate through names from their steering wheel, and place and answer calls hands-free with BMW Assist.

BMW Navigation

Chapman BMW on Camelback Genius Elliott Burnette demonstrates how to input an address and begin navigation with BMW’s on-board navigation system iDrive. Addresses can be input through voice commands or manually with the toggle controller on the steering wheel, so the driver’s eyes never leave the road.

BMW Trunk Lid Feature

Chapman BMW on Camelback Genius Elliott Burnette demonstrates how to use BMW’s Comfort Access trunk-lid open feature. This function allows drivers to open the trunk hands-free, and adds a layer of safety which prevents the trunk from potentially closing on the driver’s arm or crushing any improperly-stowed items.

BMW Keyless Entry

Chapman BMW on Camelback Genius Collette Apodaca demonstrates BMW’s Comfort Access features. Drivers can easily access their vehicle without having to take out the keys by cupping the door handle to unlock it, or prevent access by placing a finger on the door handle to lock it.

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