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Tire Shop Services
Tire Rotation
BMW Vehicles with same size tires front and rear may have the tires rotated front to rear. *Note BMW as a Manufacturer does not recommend it.
Rotation of tires from front to rear may increase tire life depending on driving habits. However, the most important tire maintenance item is tire pressure. It is normal for a Tire to lose 1-2 Pounds of pressure per month. In the oil change period of an average 10,000 miles or nearly one year the tire could be low as much as 10-12 pounds if we only see you once a year. This low tire pressure will result in lower gas mileage and lower tire life.
Light on Check and Advise
Tire Pressure Monitoring light is on. Complete external visual inspection of wheels for bends, cracks or cosmetic damage. No Charge with Purchase of Tire or Wheel.
Vehicle is now ready for operation.
Mount and Balance Tire Install
Old Tire is removed from wheel and new Tire is installed. Wheel bore is cleaned and anti-seize is applied. Tire and wheel assembly is set to proper pressure and high speed balance.
The vehicle will enjoy the Chapman BMW on Camelback trained Performance tire team attention to detail and professional install.
Match Mount Tire & Wheel Assembly
Some models of vehicles are more vibration-sensitive than others. If a vehicle has a confirmed vibration issue (See Vibration Diagnosis Service), a "Match Mount" may be required when a regular re-balance isn't getting the job done. As the Wheel and Tire are not perfectly round we have to measure the two pieces independently. After we measure them, we reassemble them with the high spots opposite of each other, minimizing the "Egg" effect of the rotating mass.
The benefit of a vibration free ride and longer tire life is realized with the Wheel and Tire roundness being optimized.
Vibration Diagnosis
A High Performance BMW vehicle is designed to provide the driver with handling feedback. This feedback can be mistaken for a vibration. We will first test drive the vehicle with the client to verify concern then review alignment characteristics.
The vehicle performance characteristics are fully understood with the peace of mind that the vehicle is operating as expected of similar vehicles or it is confirmed that an issue is evident. In the case of an issue, a Match Mount may be necessary to resolve the confirmed concern.
Tire Bead Removal
Occasionally a tire loses air completely. The Tire bead may become heated beyond the point of normal removal.
As the tire bead is made of rubber over steel cord it has to be removed prior to tire replacement.
Wheel Lock Removal
Sometimes a wheel lock may become lost. We may remove the wheel lock and reinstall a new set if requested. *Note we are very good at our craft but Locks can be over tightened from time to time. We do everything with the utmost care possible, but some minor damage could result.
Wheel and tire may be removed for servicing Brakes and Suspension.
Valve Stem Seal Replacement
BMW Vehicles with tire pressure monitoring sensors have a metal valve stem with a rubber stem seal (Gasket). Normal replacement occurs whenever a tire is replaced or every 5 Years due to environment conditions. *Note some specialty stems have to replaced due to the seal is bonded to the stem and cannot be changed independently. This is done on all Wheel or Tire Replacment repairs.
The tire Stem seal is a very common area of pressure loss with age and environment reducing the flexibility of the material and sealing capability.
Move Wheels/Tires to Other Car
A BMW owner may need or want to move a set of wheels and tires from a current vehicle on to a new vehicle. After verifying fitment, load and speed rating. The wheel tire set is then externally visually inspected for damage, bends and other road hazard related wear and tear. if the tire and wheel needs to have the TPM Sensor removed and Transferred an additional charge may result.
The new vehicle has the look and feel of the current vehicle at a minimal cost.