BMW ActiveHybrid 7

BMW ActiveHybrid 7

Twinpower Turbo Inline 6-Cylinder Engine

The ActiveHybrid 7 starts with BMW's 3.0 liter, TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder engine producing 315 hp and combines it with a 55 hp electric motor for a combined output of 350 hp and 360 lb-ft of torque. 0-60 is reached in just 5.6 seconds and with less fuel consumption and emissions compared with the non-hybrid BMW 750i and 750Li. The electricity generating technology and the high storage capacity of the Lithium-ion battery mean that additional functions, such as stationary cooling, can be powered purely electrically. Consequently, the interior can be heated or cooled much faster and more easily.

Lithium-Ion Battery

The BMW ActiveHybrid 7 is one of the first hybrid vehicles in the world to use lithium-ion technology. This innovative battery provides energy storage with low self-discharge and high energy density. And, in addition to its outstanding performance, the BMW ActiveHybrid 7 energy storage is so compactly designed that there's room for up to four 46-inch golf bags in the trunk.

4-Zone Climate Control

4-zone climate control - with 4 individual temperature settings - gives every passenger a personalized and comfortable environment. Choose a lower air temperature around the head and chest than in the footwell, or warm up during colder, winter months. It's a 7 Series Sedan that feels just as luxurious as it looks.

Active Blind Spot Detection

Looking forward isn't just a metaphor for our insatiable desire to innovate. It's also quite literal. The available Active Blind Spot Detection system helps eliminate blind spots to avoid collisions when changing lanes, literally keeping your gaze straight ahead. Using radar sensors at the rear of the vehicle to monitor the traffic behind it, this system alerts drivers if a vehicle is in their blind spot by displaying a light on their side-view mirror housings. And on the chance the driver does not notice the warning and signals to indicate changing lanes, the light on the mirror housing begins to flash and the steering wheel vibrates.