BMW ActiveHybrid 5

BMW ActiveHybrid 5

Driving Dynamics Control

Maintain the highest level of comfort and agility in all road conditions with innovative drive train and chassis technologies and optimized driving modes. The BMW 5 Series redefines driving dynamics with increased agility and comfort for both driver and passengers. Using the Driving Dynamics Control, at the push of a button, you determine which personality of the BMW 5 Series shines through. We've enhanced each mode so that SPORT driving mode feels more athletic, SPORT+ guarantees maximum performance, and COMFORT+ driving mode gears all of the connected systems - such as Integral Active Steering, damping, engine control and transmission - toward ultimate ease of traveling.

Brake Energy Regeneration

The BMW ActiveHybrid 5 uses the energy generated from deceleration with unparalleled efficiency. Touch the brake pedal, and the hybrid management system uses the pressure on the brake pedal to calculate the optimal interaction between the electric motor and the conventional braking system. The electrical assembly then ensures the required braking effect, while also charging the high-performance lithium-ion battery with up to 15,000 watts. The vehicle's disc brakes are also activated as support.

Rear-View Camera

The 5 Series comes with the option to enhance visibility and safety with a Rear-View Camera. Located by the handle of the trunk, it transmits a high-resolution image to the iDrive monitor, as well as optimum driving trajectories for parking and the location of obstacles.

Rear Seat Entertainment

The 5 Series includes the option of a dual multimedia, high-resolution entertainment system. The vibration-resistant displays provide both rear passengers with the comfort of their own screen.